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What's the Catch?

You pay $6.99 flat rate shipping. That's it. So why are we giving away our products?

Small Business, Big Heart

We're not a giant supplement company. We're based out of a small naturopathic clinic in Jackson Hole that genuinely wants to get the word out on our patented, clinically proven products.

You Gotta Try This...

The hardest part of getting a supplement to succeed is getting you to try it. About 87% of people reorder because they feel the difference that our tried-and-true biochemistry produces.

Taking A Chance to Serve You

We're taking all the risk so you don't have to. We're hard-wired to serve and know we have formulas to enhance your life, health, fitness and even appearance.

Patented Science, Clinically Proven

We’ve done the bioscience deep dives to help you crush your health goals.

Go Natural

Trigger positive biochemistry naturally without trying to brute-force your health.

Beyond Your Symptoms

Our supplements help your body address the underlying causes of health problems without triggering new problems.

Biochemical Engineering

Instead of cramming mature nutrients down your throat, we engineer our supplements to improve how your body functions.

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Increase endurance, energy and stamina while reducing recovery time.*

Clinically proven to stimulate weight loss, decrease fatigue, and lower cholesterol by naturally increasing your body's cyclical energy generation. Without the peaks and troughs of stimulants. 


Sayonara, wrinkles. Collagen boost is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 38% when used as directed.

Boost your body's ability to manufacture collagen instead of feeding it mature collagen it can't assimilate.


Neutralize harmful acids in your body that let diseases, illnesses, and bad bacteria thrive.

Alkaline formula helps rebalance your body's electrolytes to improve physical performance, reduce cramps, speed up recovery time, and improve bone health.*


Boost your immune system, slow aging and stop graying hair in its tracks* with our patented formula.

Designed to eliminate the toxins your body can't assimilate from poor diet, aging and other environmental factors.


Support healthy joints & turn your body into a collagen generation machine.*

Instead of throwing mature collagen at joint that don't know how to assimilate it, this patented formula gives your body the building blocks to form its own collagen and cartilage, a natural ability that breaks down with age.


Relieve stress, anxiety and physical discomfort naturally.

Sleep better and live happier with a non-habit forming formula biochemically formulated to reduce addiction cravings without side effects of prescription drugs targeting the same results.


Maintain your muscle mass. Ditch the fat.

Myo Grow is designed to support optimal metabolism and a healthy pituitary.* Users report more muscle tone within 2-3 weeks, especially with strength training.


Boost renal health with a formula designed to support healthy blood sugar levels naturally.

Our users report about 50 percent declines in insulin dosage needs
within two months on 5 percent weekly declines. This makes it one of the most valuable tools in a diabetic’s toolkit.*


Body Comfort users report fewer aches and pains, less stress, more relaxed muscles, and improved moods, among other benefits.*

Get back to a life you love without so much physical or emotional pain.


Be dog's best friend with a formula designed to rejuvenate Fido's joints through natural processes rather than brute force.*

Veterinarian-recommended formula for the most-loved dogs on Earth that users report helps their dogs act younger and feel less joint pain.


What Others Are Saying

Our supplement benefits can be stealthy, but far-reaching

"A skier & cyclist's secret weapon"

Kevin truly understands how the body functions and how to supplement the body’s nutrients with the best quality compositions to assist our changing bodies as we age.

— Mark N.

"Love Joint Health"

“This product has eased the aches & pains I had in my joints. It's helped me to return to a normal work load. I don't have to baby my hip or knees anymore. I ran out & realized that it is a necessary part of my daily life."

— Krista F.

"Pounds melted off"

"I nearly died in the mountains from a heart issue. But my blood pressure and heart health both improved after a month on ATP.  Though not the benefit I wanted, I also lost a surprising amount of weight after about 2 months without changing my lifestyle."

— Mark W.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Meehan Promise

Feel the difference or it's even more free

We're so confident you'll love your free supplement of choice that we'll even refund your shipping and sales tax if you don’t feel a difference after your first 30 days using the supplement as directed. 

The first bottle you open will be on us. We just ask you to return any remaining unopened bottles (return shipping not included) to get a full refund.

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Feel Why 87% Reorder from Meehan Formulations


“It helps keep energy up working long days in the summer heat and winter cold.”

-- Kim Allen

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